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Jungan Health Tech

Coffee Light

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Coffee Light

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Hankook-Ilbo "Digital Innovation Grand Prize"
Sports Chosun "Korea Trust Brand Grand Prize" - Innovative product/Healthcare sector

[Technology name - Colortherating wired and wireless chargeable LED lighting]
[Product name - coffee lighting]

  • Enable Interior-effective colortherating lighting + Mobile phone wireless charging & wired charging
  • Fixed type product and portable type product available

★ Difference between fixed type coffee lighting and portable type coffee lighting
1. The fixed type product can be wired and wireless-charged only when plugging mobile phone adaptor in coffee lighting. The selling price is 55000 won(Korean currency).

2. The portable type product can be both wired-charged and wireless-charged even when not plugging mobile phone adaptor in coffee lighting. This product can be wireless-charged even on the peak of Mt. Everest. The selling price is 78000 won(Korean currency).

★ Both products can change 7 kinds of colors by remote controller. Automatic sleep function, automatic color change function etc. are available.

★ Place of use
[Mood lighting and mobile phone can be wireless-charged in the coffee shop, restaurant, office, bedroom, hotel etc.]
LED for house, office or outdoors[camping lantern] can be used as interior.

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